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Elevate Your Home with Beautiful & Functional Cabinetry

Cabinets are the workhorses of your kitchen and bathroom, providing essential storage and shaping the overall aesthetic. At Discount Decor, we specialize in creating dream-worthy cabinetry solutions through remodeling, repair, and installation services in Loveland, CO. Our experienced team of designers, carpenters, and installers will ensure your cabinets are not just beautiful but also perfectly functional for your needs.

Transform Your Space:

Imagine a kitchen with ample storage for all your cookware, dishes, and pantry staples, with  upper cabinets and  base cabinets that provide designated spaces for everything you need.  Envision a bathroom with stylish cabinets that keep towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies organized.  We can make it happen!  Here’s how we can help:

Cabinet Kitchen Remodel Loveland CO
Cabinet Remodel Loveland CO

The Discount Decor Difference:

Here’s what sets us apart from other remodeling contractors:


Ready to Love Your Cabinets Again?

Whether you’re dreaming of a complete kitchen remodel or a quick bathroom refresh, Discount Decor can help you achieve your  dream kitchen or bathroom with beautiful, functional, and long-lasting cabinets.  Contact Discount Decor today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your cabinet project in Loveland, CO.  Browse our project gallery below to see examples of our work and get inspired for your own cabinetry remodel, repair, or installation!
Kitchen Cabinet Updating Loveland CO
Wood Kitchen Cabinets Loveland CO
Wooden Cabinetry Remodel Loveland CO

Considering a DIY Cabinet Project?

While we recommend professional installation for a flawless and safe outcome, we understand some homeowners prefer a DIY approach.  If you choose to tackle  kitchen cabinet installation yourself, be sure to research  step-by-step instructions  carefully.  Key steps include  checking for level floors and  uneven floorsidentifying wall stud locations for secure mounting,  pre-drilling screw holes to prevent splitting, using the correct drill bit size for your  cabinet screws, and carefully  positioning the cabinet into place with adjacent cabinets for a seamless look.  Remember, safety is paramount, so  consult with an independent contractor if you have any reservations about your DIY capabilities.