Laundry & Mudroom Remodeling Solutions in Loveland, CO

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Laundry Room Remodeling Loveland CO
Mudroom Remodeling Loveland CO

Boost Your Home's Functionality with Laundry & Mudroom Additions

Say goodbye to laundry day dread and messy entryways! Discount Decor can design and build beautiful and functional laundry room remodeling and mudroom additions in Loveland, CO that will transform your home’s organization and functionality.

Create Your Dream Laundry Space:

Imagine a dedicated laundry room with ample storage space for cleaning supplies, a folding station, drying racks or a dryer, and even a  utility sink for pre-treating stains.  Our designers will create a space that perfectly integrates with your lifestyle,  maximizing efficiency on laundry day.  Consider  white walls and  white cabinets for a bright and airy feel, or  gray walls with  shaker cabinets for a more modern aesthetic.  We can even incorporate  wood countertops or  granite countertops to match your style and create a luxurious  laundry room design.

Mudroom Must-Haves:

Turn your entryway into a mudroom oasis with built-in mudroom cabinets for shoes, bags, and sports equipment. A designated drop zone with shoe storage solutions like shoe cubbies or shelves will keep your entryway tidy and organized, while a built-in bench provides a comfortable spot to put on or take off shoes. We can design closed storage solutions to hide away clutter, or open cubbies for easy access to everyday items. Consider adding show racks for drying wet coats or sports gear, perfect for a busy family with active kids.
Laundry Room Addition Loveland CO
Redo Laundry Room Loveland CO

The Perfect Combination:

Many homeowners choose to combine a laundry room and mudroom addition into a single, highly functional space  (mudroom laundry combo).  This is a great way to  maximize square footage and create a convenient drop zone for dirty clothes,  muddy shoes, and outerwear, all while keeping those functions separate from your main living areas.  Imagine a  garage mudroom addition with direct access from the garage, perfect for containing mess and keeping the rest of your house clean!

The Discount Decor Difference:

Here’s what sets us apart:


Ready to Get Organized?

Contact Discount Decor today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your laundry room remodeling or mudroom addition project in Loveland, CO.  Let us transform your home’s functionality and create a space that makes laundry day and muddy entries a breeze!  Browse our project gallery below to see examples of our work and get inspired for your own  organized mudroomfunctional mudroom, or  mudroom complete with  mudroom design features that perfectly suit your needs.