Basement Remodeling Project

Summer’s here and the heat is on! While the outdoors might be sizzling, your unfinished basement holds the potential to be a refreshingly fun escape. Forget the stuffy, neglected space of years past. With a little creativity and the help of Discount Decor’s basement finishing services, you can transform your basement into the coolest hangout spot this summer!

Discount Decor offers a variety of options to create a finished basement retreat that caters to your interests and needs, while adhering to important building codes and maximizing your square footage. Here are some ideas to inspire your cool summer makeover:

  • The Ultimate Entertainment Zone: Turn your basement into the ultimate party pad! Imagine a space filled with laughter and friendly competition. Discount Decor can help you install a pool table, foosball table, or air hockey table for some classic game nights. Add comfy couches or beanbag chairs for lounging, and don’t forget a stylish basement bar with a mini-fridge and storage for drinks and snacks. Top it all off with a projector and screen for movie nights or video game tournaments.

  • Game On!: Level up your entertainment with a dedicated game room. Discount Decor can design a space that caters to your favorite gaming styles. Think comfy seating for watching or participating, designated areas for board games or card games, and plenty of shelf boards for storing game pieces and controllers. For the ultimate gamer experience, consider installing a high-definition TV and surround sound system.

  • Movie Magic at Home: Escape the crowds and recreate the movie theater experience right in your basement. Discount Decor can help you soundproof the walls and install a top-notch projector and screen. Add plush recliners with cup holders for maximum comfort, and don’t forget the popcorn machine! Dimmable lighting will complete the cinematic ambiance.

  • Family Fun Central: Create a space for the whole family to enjoy! Discount Decor can help you design a playroom paradise with soft foam flooring for safety. Include designated areas for different activities, like a reading nook with a comfy armchair and beanbags, an art station with a large table and storage for supplies, and a dedicated play area with bins for toys and games. A chalkboard wall provides endless entertainment for budding artists, while a built-in dollhouse or toy car track can spark imaginative play.

  • Cheers to Summer!: Who says you can’t enjoy a cool bar experience at home? Discount Decor can transform your basement into an adult entertaining haven with a stylish basement bar. Imagine sleek countertops, built-in cabinetry for glassware and liquor, and a mini-fridge for keeping drinks perfectly chilled. Add comfortable seating around the bar for conversation and socializing.

  • Workout Warriors Unite!: Looking to stay active even when the heat is on? Discount Decor can help you design a functional home gym in your basement. Install rubber or foam flooring for durability and shock absorption. Include essential workout equipment like a treadmill, weights, yoga mats, and a stationary bike. Proper ventilation is key, so consider adding ceiling fans or an exhaust system to keep the space cool and comfortable.

No matter what your summer fun style is, Discount Decor can help you create the perfect cool basement retreat. We offer a variety of basement remodeling projects to suit any basement space, from unfinished basements with concrete walls to renovated basements with existing drywall. Our team of experts will ensure your basement remodel adheres to building codes and maximizes your existing ceiling height, whether it’s a full basement or one with lower ceilings.

Thinking about adding a basement laundry room or even a basement bathroom? Our basement finishing project can incorporate these features seamlessly into your design. Discount Decor will handle the entire process, from obtaining a building permit to the final basement reveal, ensuring your finished basement meets your vision and exceeds expectations.

Here are some additional tips to consider when creating your cool basement retreat:

  • Light it Up: Natural light can brighten your basement and make it feel less cave-like. If possible, consider adding basement windows to allow for ventilation and natural light. Strategically placed mirrors can also help bounce light around the space.

  • Energy Efficiency: Especially important in the summer heat, consider energy-efficient features like insulation and proper ventilation to keep your cool basement retreat comfortable without breaking the bank.

  • Flooring Options: While hardwood floors can add a touch of elegance, they might not be ideal for all basements. Discount Decor offers a variety of flooring options, including wood flooring and durable tile, to suit your style and budget.

  • Family-Friendly Fun: If you’re creating a family space, consider adding a dart board or other age-appropriate games for some friendly competition.

Ready to beat the heat and create lasting summer memories with a cool and inviting basement retreat? Contact Discount Decor today to schedule a free consultation. Our team of experts will work with you to design the perfect basement space for your needs, whether it’s a family-friendly living room, a game room for friendly competition, or even a home theater for movie nights.

We’ll handle every step of the process, ensuring your basement remodel is completed to the highest standards and adheres to all building codes. From initial planning and obtaining building permits to installing drywall compound and ensuring perfectly level basement floors, Discount Decor will transform your unfinished basement into a cool and inviting space you can enjoy all summer long.